RV Decorating at Lake Georgetown, Texas


We have a road trip planned in a few weeks to Oklahoma. So when our dealer said the water leak was repaired, we decided to take Pearl out for her first trip after being winterized. I still needed to get a lot of decor items from Ikea, so we found a spot on Lake Georgetown at Jim Hogg Park. This was our first USACE park and wasn’t sure what to expect. The site was gorgeous, right on the lake! Once again this was more of a prep trip as we try to get everything ready for our two-month long summer trip. So we didn’t get to explore the area much. During the day Nicole worked remotely, and I went to IKEA and decorated Pearl. Regardless of what we do during the day, we typically always end the day the same. Nicole starts a campfire early, while I cook in the outdoor kitchen. Sadie of course spectates from her cot making sure we are doing everything correctly.

RV Decorating

RV Mood Board.jpg

We have learned so many good decor and organization tips these first few months, and wanted to share in a blog post for any other newbies. I am used to decorating much larger spaces, and loved working on an RV. It is so much easier to tackle and more affordable. Since you can see all the room at once, we wanted to carry the decor theme throughout. So, I decided to decorate with a modern geometric theme. For colors, using white, black, and gold with green accents (primarily plants). Most of the decorative items we purchased were from Target including the letter board, throw blanket, tic tac toe game, llama planter, and these gorgeous woven rugs . I got the runner size for the entry and this 3’ x 5’ one for the main area. Since it is a loose woven pattern, the rugs do a great job of trapping the dirt without looking too dirty. Because the dirt falls through. PS… RVs get very dirty, so it is a must to kick your shoes off before entering. Just one more rule for our household, ha! I am not sure how long the loose woven rugs will hold up, but whenever I see a loose thread I just poke it back through.

Most important decor tip… low profile industrial strength velcro will be your best friend! Early on we read so many posts about using command hooks to hang everything. So we of course added countless packs of heavy duty strips to our Amazon cart. Although, these were good for light items we didn’t have any luck with them for heavier items. We tried using them on our hat hooks and the lightweight mirror for the back of the bathroom door. We made sure to cling the area first, and let it bond before handing anything. Unfortunately, both fell within a few hours of hanging them. The mirror didn’t break thankfully, but we knew this was likely. So we selected a cheap $6 mirror from Target. Luckily, I had read a post from Keep Your Daydream about the velcro and had a roll on hand. That stuff is no joke. It handled the mirror like a champ. So we now use this for all our frames, after removing the glass of course. I probably would have used the velcro on my magnetic bars if I tried it sooner. But instead we hung the IKEA magnetic bars with 1/2” screws for the knives and spice jars. We initially were pretty scared to hang items with screws. But, we read to be very careful and use a small bit to predrill the hole and prevent any splintering of the thin paneling. In some areas you can actually feel where the studs are by pressing on the thin walls. So far everything has held up.

One of the most noticeable changes was replacing the silver cabinet/drawer handles with these black more modern handles. This was simple, I just had to make sure I ordered the same width as the existing ones so I didn’t have to drill new holes. Building on the black modern metal of the handles, I bought two of these cute lightweight Hexagon wall baskets. They are perfect at the entrance for our truck and RV keys. The other one we hung in the bunk area up high near the USB ceiling outlet to put our phones in while charging. Oh and speaking of keys, on this trip I changed the outdoor lock for an RVLock wireless key pad. No more locking ourselves out!

I also read a lot of reviews about a collapsable dish rack being a must have and ordered one. However, I didn’t like it for inside. I found it to be very bulky and not pretty to look at. So, we kept it for washing dishes outside. It actually works great outside at our dishwashing station. Or should I say Nicole’s dishwashing station. I do all the cooking, so she does the dishes :) The station includes a lightweight collapsable table, two large dish tubs (one for pre-soaked dishes, one for clean water to rinse, and the rack for drying.

But, for inside I got a stainless steel roll up dish drying rack and LOVE it! Not only is it pretty to look at, but it gives me extra counter space to set items on when cooking. They come in different sizes, so I wish I would have measured first and got one a little shorter. But love it nonetheless! It provides a great place to wash our fruit, dry a glass, or to put the dog bowl on when filling it.

I know with tiny living everything should serve a dual purpose, but sometimes you just want something because it is pretty. I immediately fell in love with the gold Llama planter and knew I had to have it for Pearl.

DDB_Smart Tile.jpg

What’s next…

Our next big decor changes are replacing the backsplash to cover the entire kitchen wall and side of fridge, converting the bunk room into an office, repurposing dinette light, changing dinette window covers, hanging a modern wallpaper throughout, and adding cabinets to access our dinette storage. We should be tackling all that in May before our Summer trip, so stay tuned!

Campground Review: Jim Hogg Park (Georgetown, TX)

We spent three nights at Jim Hogg Park in early March 2019 and stayed right on the lake. This was a last minute trip, and our first USACE park. We got lucky and came across this double site, D039. You pay $26 for lake front but then an extra $10 for a double site. The double site allows for a large group (up to 16 people) to both RV and tent camp at the same time. We primarily cook in the outdoor kitchen area. So for just us two, it was still worth the extra $10 to get more of a paved patio under our awning instead of being in the grass. Plus plenty of parking room and awning space. Even though we were on the lakefront the site was very level. There was a covered shelter, fire ring, and pathway down to the lake. The pathway in front of this site was only used by us, whereas the adjacent two sites got a lot of other guests filtering to their two pathways. So they had a lot of foot traffic down to lake, but we didn’t. We have been leery of covered shelters, because if they don’t maintain them they are full of spiders. Plus sometimes, it doesn’t allow for your awning to fully open. This was not the case here. It was well maintained, and we hung our hammock and outdoor lights under it. There is a a pretty oak tree on the connection side of the site, but it didn’t cause any issues with our slide out. Great spot, with gorgeous lake views and a constant breeze coming off the lake. Site offers water, electric (30/50 amp), shelter with table, fire ring. Dump station at park entrance. No WIFI at the park but we had plenty of cell reception with AT&T. There is also an HEB close by and plenty of dining options. I heard there were great hiking trails at the park on the south side of the lake. There may be some at this park, but the two we went on weren’t much.

Our only complaints are related to the office hours and front gate. The check-in office was closed when we arrived an hour before the posted closing time. They left a sticky on the window for us, but there wasn't a gate code on the back. So we were worried to leave, but it turns out they weren't closing the gate at night. I thought that was strange, because it was operational and closed during the day when someone was there taking park fees. But then they left it open at night. Since it was a short trip, we didn't have to use the showers. But used one of the restrooms and it was pretty dated.